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The conjurer projects dramatic orchestral shapes onto the silver wall

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02  Sinister   –   The hunt pursued them through night and shadows      mp3   wav   info

03  Strider   –   Up the mountain they rose, all singing in unison and shining like stars      mp3   wav   info

04  Darklands Traveller   –   Long last tracks lead through the wilderness to forgotten hopes       mp3   wav   info 

05  Echoes   –   The shimmering herd of horns shatter the horizon with rhythm and glory      mp3   wav   info

06  Cogs In The Machine   –   The engine, all steam and burning pistons, powers across state lines      mp3   wav   info

07  Climax   –   Digital beast crawls from beneath, expands outwards until it blots out the sky      mp3   wav   info

08  Solitude   –   They continue on, urgent with searchlights across the tarmac      mp3   wav   info

09  The Ramp   –   Ticking away in the night, shining light against the walls where nobody sees      mp3   wav   info

10  Terror   –   Pursued by the hordes from the pit of the volcano      mp3   wav   info

11  Strung Up   –   Nightmares with knives in the blackest midnight      mp3   wav   info

12  Skyship   –   To slice through arctic winds and soar above vast canyons      mp3   wav   info