INTAKE 111 QUIRKS  –  alt click to download  –  soundcloud  –  bandcamp

Things are wonderfully not as they should be in this bag of musical misfits

01  Cloud Machine   –   The prog adventures of a mad scientist in 1975 cartoons.      mp3   wav   info

02  Grains   –   Beautiful germanic shapes in ambient clubs.      mp3   wav   info

03  Strange Arpeggiator   –   Unexplained schoolday adventures recovered. in VHS.      mp3   wav   info

4  Live In Circuits   –   Navigating dark electronic structures to be in the right place.      mp3   wav   info

05  Deeper   –   Plunging into orchestral depths of mystery and danger.      mp3   wav   info

06  Lo-Fi Paradise   –   Vintage journeys into Dub.      mp3   wav   info

07  Buch of La   –   Serene oscillators twinkle on west coast mornings.      mp3   wav   info

08  Shimmers   –   Off beat electro pop jangles in moody corners.      mp3   wav   info

09  Ripples   –   Treated pianos echo across the magical water-filled arena.     mp3   wav   info

10  The Creeps   –   Cheery bells glitch gloriously to sinister rhythms.      mp3   wav   info

11  The Music Box   –   A room crammed full of antique clockwork devices cranks into life.      mp3   wav   info

12   Racket in Z Minor   –   Sonic chaos as classical & dubstep  fight and plunge into the rabbit hole.      mp3   wav   info

13   Cloudlands   –   A slow march through a mystical world of broken pianos and ancient choirs.      mp3   wav   info


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