TAKE 108 TEXTURES  –  alt click to download  –  soundcloud  –  bandcamp

It has no form or smell, just a feeling, deep beneath everything we do

01  Ascent      Sadness and melancholy rise up gently like warm air     mp3   wav   info

02  Dream City      Wind races through giant structures     mp3   wav   info

03  Machine Breathing      A slow pulsing entity, passing breath through its many chambers     mp3   wav   info

04  Spirits      It moves gracefully through the sky, its beauty unseen     mp3   wav   info

05  Oort Cloud      Unimaginable shapes coalesce in murky vapours     mp3   wav   info

06  Twilight      Light trembles over earth and beauty slowly rises     mp3   wav   info

07  Fireflies      Malevolent, shimmering sprites in great spaces     mp3   wav   info

08  Obelisk      A huge wall of discord grows and falls and undulates     mp3   wav   info

09  Aurora      Spiralling wonders thrown out in pulses across the sky     mp3   wav   info

10  Anguish      Pain and doubt stretched across aching strings     mp3   wav   info

11  Gamma Waves      The cosmos pulsates, breathes and laments     mp3   wav   info

12  Cathedral      Towering structures engulfed in water and light     mp3   wav   info

13  Needles      Huge mechanisms lurch through dark mists     mp3   wav   info

14  Of Frost      Prolonged sorrow in cold, dark landscapes     mp3   wav   info

15  Nausea      The chamber fills with layers of horror until cracked by silence     mp3   wav   info


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