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Marble halls shimmer with ancient legends that make statues weep

01  Masquerade   –   The dance of the masked Royals powers unstoppably onwards.      mp3   wav   info

02  Brushstrokes In Sunset   –   His canvas, monochrome ivory hewn with reckless passion and impossible dreams.      mp3   wav   info

03  The After   –   Lifting over the sea into boiling sunsets and rested down on peaceful shores.      mp3   wav   info

04  They Build Beneath Us   –   Scurrying, building, multiplying, never sleeping, they pour out of the earth      mp3   wav   info

05  Lucy dans La Lune   –   Cascading from the ocean to the stars in pulsing beauty.      mp3   wav   info

06  The Piano it Broods   –   Anguish and despair in the ruins of the past      mp3   wav   info

07  The Butler   –   He glides through his duties amidst crystal, gold and candle light.      mp3   wav   info

08  Requiem   –   We watch it pass in majesty and dark solemnity      mp3   wav   info

09  Kaleidoscope   –   Sweeping through resplendent corridors of cascading colour.      mp3   wav   info

10  Alexanderplatz   –   Lives and loves, long since lost, captured in monochrome.      mp3   wav   info 

11  The Many Pianos   –   One humble voice multiplies into an ecstatic ensemble.      mp3   wav   info

12  Saudade   –   The gently burning shadow of memories long since surrendered.      mp3   wav   info

13  The Tower   –   She rose above the ground, above the townsfolk and above the spires, but the fall struck fear in all who witnessed.      mp3   wav   info

14  Marazion   –   Joyous adventures grow across the moon and the stars.      mp3   wav   info