INTAKE 112 DREAD  –  alt click to download  –  soundcloud  –  bandcamp

Horror, threat and sadness in menacing places

01  Treacherous   –   Incessant pounding criminal activity.      mp3   wav   info

02  Shadows   –   Mournful ponderous investigation in dark alleys.      mp3   wav   info

03  Pursuit   –   Endless merciless chase through industrial wastelands.      mp3   wav   info

4  Doom   –   Building Tower of devastation and chaos.      mp3   wav   info

05  Forensics   –  Searching endlessly in despair.      mp3   wav   info

06  Slammer   –   Relentless rampage of noise and destruction.      mp3   wav   info

07  Victims   –   Rainfall on dark empty streets.      mp3   wav   info

08  Nightmare End   –   Mournful journey from the ruins to brighter skies.      mp3   wav   info

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