TAKE 107 PASTURES  –  alt click to download  –   soundcloud  –  bandcamp

With wood and string we craft melody from breeze and scent of meadows

01  Drum Circle      Fiddles jig by the fire, harps weave between sparks.     mp3   wav   info

02  Down to Natural     Frollick through rays of light into shadows.     mp3   wav   info

03  Whirlygig      Dulcimers cascade into midsummer forests.     mp3   wav   info

04  Foxgloves    Ripples on the water catch the light of a sunset sail.     mp3   wav   info

05  Buskers     Entertainers weave colour through sun-drenched piazzas.     mp3   wav   info

06  Meadows     Dawn on a new, hopeful, relaxing day.     mp3   wav   info

07  Birds     Tumbles through green glades into pools of blue light.     mp3   wav   info

08  Mountaintop     Hordes with drums dance higher into the summit.     mp3   wav   info

09  Tudor     Rowing through the swamps of medieval wonder.     mp3   wav   info

10  Greenhouse     Hazy dreams of casual jazz  on cool beaches.     mp3   wav   info

11  Dendro Date     Wood and water submerged in ripples of sunlight.     mp3   wav   info

12 Lotus     Tiny grass dreaming of floating castles in the sky.     mp3   wav   info

13  Twinkle     French accordions waltz in terracotta streets.     mp3   wav   info

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