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Dan at Intake Records is always my go to composer whenever I need music for a podcast, youtube video or animated logo. His scope of music is so wide that, whether I need something akin to a wrestling theme or something from a galactic space opera I know Dan can cover it all.  I will always recommend Dan to anyone, need something new age, Dan Jobar, need something high energy, Dan Jobar. 
Jim Bennett: Managing Editor/Podcaster/Animator 

Dan Jobar is a natural storyteller. As a composer he is able to conjure beautiful and compelling imagery – from Victorian lovers in a moonlit garden to astronauts cast adrift on the edge of space.  He builds vast and complete worlds in the listener’s imagination, infused with infectious beats and soaring string arrangements.  His tunes are magical and vibrant wonderlands that linger long after the final note has melted away. 
Grant Watson: Writer/Director Film, Television and Stage

Intake Records have worked with us since 1993.Their artistic integrity is only matched by the ease of collaboration. It remains both an ambition and a privilege to continue to work with them. Highly recommended. 
Shane Irwin: Artistic Director Colourise Theatre Company