TAKE 106 THEMA  –  alt click to download  –  soundcloud  –  bandcamp

Themes, hooks, earworms and backbeats from across the airwaves

The Impossible Stadium   –   Strings bound by white noise pounding across the surging field.     mp3   wav   info

Reemergence   –   Relentless but regal, refined but deadly, marching to it’s climax.      mp3   wav   info

Electrogremlins   –   Beeps, whistles and other fearless noises from broken computers.      mp3   wav   info

Black Dusk   –   Velvet clad figures rising from the mist bleached field.      mp3   wav   info

Fractals   –   Syncopated echos from a piano as it plunges through the vortex.      mp3   wav   info

Riff   –   Underground stage crammed with all-night funk ensemble.      mp3   wav   info

Quark   –   Distressed strings pulled through heavy rhythms and digital shredders.      mp3   wav   info

Joanna’s Jam   –   Following a broken rhythm with old piano and good friends.      mp3   wav   info

The Peripheral   –   The professor of analog machines rides again.      mp3   wav   info

The Endless Crime   –   The street that is never safe for fear of waiting shadows.      mp3   wav   info

Urban Snows   –   Stepping out into the snow lit by a broadway of concrete lights.      mp3   wav   info

Harpies   –   Deranged, happy creatures spill out of the pipes into your ears.      mp3   wav   info

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