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The pulse fills the stomach and quickens the pulse, as the floor becomes our metronome.

01  Bubbling   –   Chased through circuit boards by fierce zeros and crazed ones      mp3   wav   info

02  Twirly Picture   –   Feel the pulse, smell the texture, taste the rhythm      mp3   wav   info

03  The Butterfly And The Milkmaid   –   In field and brook they worship Pagan rhythms      mp3   wav   info

04  Happenings   –   Timbre and rhythm cascade on and on      mp3   wav   info

05  Fractured Output   –   Sparks fire off each other, tumbling into the ether      mp3   wav   info

06  Rumblefish   –   Powering, crackling, clanging, glowing warm in the deep      mp3   wav   info

07  Caterina   –   Tapestries of fretted steel string, hung from the shimmering bass      mp3   wav   info

08  Ghost Pilot   –   Low-level flight, rippling clouds and sea, tearing sky and dreams      mp3   wav   info

09  Boogie Starlight   –   Friendly funk remembered on long buried 8-tracKS      mp3   wav   info

10  Try   –   Raise your arms, raise them higher, feel the ecstasy      mp3   wav   info

11  Pan   –   Textured metal and tightened skin beaten in wave after wave      mp3   wav   info

12  Circuit Breaker   –   Blocks, Patterns, Pulses repeated      mp3   wav   info

13  The Counsellor   –   He appeared under gas light, then rose over cities showering love and justice      mp3   wav   info